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Our mission is to bring joy to children with significant health or life altering conditions and relief to their families by creating happier and more functional living spaces.

What We Do

Welcome Home Angel serves families with children who have chronic conditions, physically debilitating injuries, or significant developmental disabilities who are restricted by limitations in the following areas of major life activity: self-care, mobility, or capacity for independent living. We serve children ages 4-21 in the Wilmington region (New Hanover, Pender, and Brunswick Counties). We now also serve children in the Charlotte Metro area!

We renovate the child’s bedroom (and sometimes other living spaces, depending upon need). Many renovations are primarily aesthetic to enrich the environment where the child spends so much time and calls their own, but other renovations are major, to include door widening, handicap accessible bathrooms, and ramps. We also do a makeover of any siblings’ bedrooms so they don’t feel left out.

We respect the privacy and confidentiality of all information that we receive about each family, whether we accept their case or not.

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Do we have your permission to call medical providers to speak with them about your child's condition? Note: you may be required to file medical release paperwork with your provider prior to WHA being able to discuss your child's condition.

Does your child require a wheelchair?

Does your child require an oxygen tank?

Does your child require a Gastrostomy Tube?

Does your child require a catheter?

Are you this child's...

Preferred Method of Communication

Do you live with the child on a full-time basis? If not on a full-time basis, we will request custody agreements and/or proof of custody.

Do others live in the home who are not siblings or guardians?

Is your home owned or rented

If your home is owned, is it owned by you?

If your home is rented, would you be willing to commit to a long-term lease in your current home?

Do you own the furniture in your home?

Household Income